Michael Bach's Musical Interests

grand piano

I love music, even if/when music little loves me ;-)

Favorite artists: Oscar Peterson, Barbara Dennerlein.

Pictures from performances
“Boom Boom Shake” im Schlosskeller,
Emmendingen 2017-12
Just the two of us
('bisschen viel Saalgeräusch…)

“Boom Boom Shake” auf dem Radmarkt in Emmendingen 2017-04
  Ex’s & Oh’s 
,     Smooth Operator
,     Still got the blues


Attempting Gary Moore's grandiose “Walking by myself” at Klaus' 60th birthday party (2012-08).

The party where Uli turned 60 (me a little later). Left early, right late in the evening.
AugenBand 2008-11
“Charly & the Eyes Guys” Nicolas’ party 2008-11: anonymous, Thomas, Michael, Hansjürgen & Christoph
ISCEV band 2008-1
ISCEV Band 2008: Graham Holder, Michael Crognale, Günter Niemeyer, Thomas Meigen, anonymous & Michael Bach
ISCEV band 2008-2
Charly's 1
New Year's Reception performance …
Charly's 2
… in the Ophthalmic Department Jan 2008
ISCEV Band 2005-1
The ISCEV Band (Glaswegian Symposium 2005)
ISCEV Band 2005-2
IK2000 in Günne 1
 IK2000 in Günne, ‘‘big dinner’’ performance
Michael & Ipke
 same place, late night jam, with Ipke
Earning my home flight frome Corse in 1998 :-) Michael & Klaus2 1998
Michael 1994
 That's me in 1994 after a successful gate-crash (long story…)
Michael & Klaus 1994
 Klaus & me
SerioesGmbH 1 SerioesGmbH 2
“Seriös GmbH” 1980
my home-built 4-VCO analog synthesizer


That picture must be from about 1975. On the right lurks my home-built 4-VCO analog synthesizer.

(Picture provided by my co-technician Wolfi Beyer.)



























A (not so) recent composition “Comme une faute” (© Michael Bach, 1997):

score sheet "Comme une faute"

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