Butler – the Mac utility that I use most of all was just updated for Mac Mountain Lion. It had worked anyway, but it's nice to know that the development stays up-to-date at

It's not just that I have a close relation to it's author, who was my student, but I constantly use it for almost anything. Let me share this one, it's an ISO date typer like so: 2012-07-27. This is a unique logical sequence, and it's useful for part of file names, because the alphabetical order is identical to temporal order. Date order is not trivial: I once had a cheque not cashed, because my bank didn't know that the Canadian date order of month and day differs from the US one. 

So, to get back to  #butler , one of its many tricks: it can contain AppleScripts, and execute them via a keyboard shortcut. My script to type the ISO date runs like so:

set theDate to (the current date)

set dateString to (year of theDate as string) & "-" & (my doubleDigit((month of theDate) as number)) & "-" & (doubleDigit(day of theDate) as string)

tell application "System Events"

delay 0.1

repeat with theChar in dateString

    delay 0.01

      keystroke theChar

 _end repeat_

end tell

on doubleDigit(i)

if i < 10 then return "0" & (i as string)

return (i as string)

end doubleDigit

The delays were necessary years ago – not sure if this is still the case. Suggestions for improvement welcome, as always.

Finally, you may ask, what has all of this got to do with the accompanying image of me on a #wakeboard (actually, a skateboard)? There are two answers (1) eye catcher, (2) I managed to make some time today so I could get to the nearby cable park and wakeskated and wakeboarded to my heart's delight – quite wonderful!

[more on the latter (in German): http://michaelbach.de/misc/wakeboard/]