Since I'm soon going to convert my MacBook's hard disk into a “fusion drive”, I needed a sufficiently fast way to mirror the built-in disk. I have been waiting for #Thunderbolt -based periphery longer than expected. Now I took the plunge with the “Buffalo HD-PA1.0TU3-EU MiniStation Thunderbolt”. Small and neat, it contains a 2.5" 5400 rpm disk, so it's no speed demon, but matches the built-in hard disk. It comes with thunderbolt cable, no further power supply needed, of course, and for large files #carboncopycloner  transferred just a little over 70 MB/s. Booting from the thunderbolt disk was no problem, as expected.

  The speed of thunderbolt is, of course, completely lost on my setup. That little Buffalo disk also has a USB3 connection, which at half of thunderbolt's speed still is faster than my disk access, but neither my Airbook nor Macbook have USB3 – and now with this Buffalo gem that's no longer a disadvantage.

  The recent versions of   #carboncopycloner , by the way, are able to create a recovery partition on the target disk, another bonus. 

 Next project: move out the DVD and replace with SSD. Then combine disk and SSD into a fusion drive – will report.