Since a great number of #R wizards are here, please consider this question:

I have a data.frame "d" with rows named like: d$bA00010, d$bA00013, d$bA00100, …

I want to access them programmatically, so I created a namelist

fNames = c("00010", "00033", "00100", "00330", "01000", "03300", "10000", "33000")

and tried: get(x=paste0("d$bA", fNames[1]))

receiving the error message: "object 'd$bA00010' not found".

There must be a way to do this simple indirection in R.

I will also need the inverse operation, like so:

assign(x=paste0("d$bA", fNames[1]), value=12345)

Your help greatly appreciated! Thanks, Michael