Built with … Cappuccino

from Michael’s   Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions

What is Cappuccino?

It’s not about coffee here. Rather, Cappuccino is the path I chose here for the future of interactive HTML, without Flash, running on any modern browser without plugins. JavaScript (not to be confused with Java) is required, but that’s what any web-2.0+ page needs anyway. Cappuccino is an open source framework, a solid foundation, allowing to to build desktop-caliber applications that run in a web browser, only relying on HTML5 and JavaScript. This is accomplished in two ways: (1) by “Objective-J”, a language very similar to Objective-C, and (2) by re-implementing a sizeable part of Apple’s NS* and CG* frameworks.

I liked Objective-C anyway, so using Objective-J was no big problem, and the NS* and CG* frameworks allow for a very rich user interface with a consistent and fluent look-and-feel. If you have experience developing for Macintosh or iOS, you are nearly there.

Where can I learn more?

Cappuccino is a major open-source endeavour which relies on a wonderful & select group of developers; it all started with 280North. Learning it requires a sizeable effort –if rewarding– and I am still learning. I thank that community for creating and continuing development of this marvelous tool:

Where is Cappuccino used on this site?