Visual Stimuli  by Prof. Michael Bach

Moving Grating

A fullscreen squarewave grating, which moves left- or rightwards. You can configure the speed and spatial frequency. The lateral borders have a contrast taper to reduce luminance artifacts for low spatial frequencies.


Some Details

This stimulus was developed in co-operation with Hadas Kalish to assess acuity in fish populations. First developed for the following publication:


Change history

2016-06-11 Updated publications list
2015-05-111.3Added the comment, explaining the warning message on recent operating systems.
Enlarged buttons to avoid clipping, minor code efficiency improvement
2009-12-081.2Improved GUI. This was used in Stiebel-Kalish et al. 2012.
2009-08-061.1new algorithm for motion update, now no longer depends on frame rate
2009-07-141.0changed label to "log2(…"