Hallucii – An “impossible” Movie

from Michael’s   Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions


Goo-Shun Wang created this brilliant movie “Hallucii” in 2006 at the MFA Computer Art, School of Visual Arts, New York. It carries forward the creative torch in the spirit of the Penroses and M. C. Escher (see below).

Enjoy the level-transcending camera metapher and subtle details, like the bottle label.


Movie hosted here with kind permission by Goo-Shun Wang, credits:
Directed & created by Goo-Shun Wang
Music by Wei-San Hsui
Clarinet by Ti Huang

 Penrose Staircase
Escher Stairs

The chain of inspiration…

M. C. Escher (picture on the left) published in 1960 his well-known lithography “Ascending, descending” (on the right). Its design was based on a figure (bottom left) in the paper published by the Penroses’ in 1958, and there was a letter exchange between them.


Penrose LS & Penrose R (1958) Impossible objects: A special type of illusion. Brit J Psychol 49:31-33