Color Change Illusion by eye movement

from Michael’s   Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions


What to see

Dots, with some flicker, move to the right. Occasionally, a grid appears, which moves right- or downwards. Follow a grid crossing with your eyes, and note that the colors change! Follow the rightward movement: the dots are yellow. Follow the downward movement: the dots are clearly either red or green. Switch the grid off (🔘 0) and track with a finger at the right speed – no trick here :).

What to do


This is an entry to the 2019 Illusion Contest. I don’t know yet how it will be placed, but I like it best. [Update: 2nd place. Congratulations, Haruaki Fukuda!]

My explanation

There is some similarity to Sigma Motion.


Haruaki Fukuda (2019)