White Xmas (?)

from Michael’s   Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions


What to see

Two Christmas trees stand in a somewhat strange snow shower – is the colour of the two trees identical? To me the right one looks a littler darker and a little more blueish, what about you? The topic of interest here: the two trees are absolutely identical in their colour. All in all, there are only three (3) different colours in the picture.

What to do

The difference in colour between the two trees is subtle. With the pop-up menu you can switch from Snow to Bars. With the bars, the difference is somewhat stronger. You can also change all colours to your liking. The radius of the “snowflakes” has little effect for me.


This should more appropriately be called “White’s Xmas”, because it’s a variant of White’s illusion. There → you can find more background information.