Find the Face (in the Beans)

from Michael’s   Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions



What to do

Find the face among the beans – The picture on the right is floating around the Internet. I do not know the original source, which I really would like to cite. Please communicate! [But see note below.]

The picture is accompanied by all sorts of inferences on your mental development depending on delay until you find the face in there, which are, hmm, lame, even though they begin with “According to recent medical evidence…”.

By the way: Yes, there really is a face in there! Once you’ve seen it, there is no doubt any more (a case of “one-shot learning”).

Hint: (Part of) it is in the logo. Need more? At the bottom.

Note added 1/2 a year after creating this page: I am happy that through help by Sean Pratz I can now acknowledge the source: The original image was published 2002 by user ‘Furitsu’ (a real Photoshop wizard) at Kind permission gratefully acknowledged.


Furitsu (2002) photoshop contest

Mooney CM (1957) Age in the development of closure ability in children. Canad J Psychol 11:219–226