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Security issues

This could be a “trojan”, like any program, yes, but it isn't.
As to viruses: Macintosh users need not be concerned, there are still (nearly) none for that platform. For Windows, I can state that I personally compiled this progam (using Flash CS4 on a Mac) with no malicious code and placed it on this site myself.

To store the settings, FrACT uses Flash's “Local Shared Objects”, putting a file containing settings and temporary run results on your computer. Visit the Adobe Flash online settings manager to restrict how Flash stores these files; you can completely disallow such files to be saved, but then your settings won't stick.

If you are using FrACT, please cite it when publishing


FrACT Versions (→full history)

Date Version MacOS App Windows EXE SWF
2018-04-11 3.10.0
FrACT3.10.0d.app.zip FrACT3.10.0c.exe.zip FrACT3.10.0d.swf
2018-02-14 3.9.9a FrACT3.9.9a.app.zip FrACT3.9.9a.exe.zip FrACT3.9.9a.swf
2016-10-27 3.9.8 FrACT3.9.8.app.zip FrACT3.9.8.exe.zip FrACT3.9.8.swf
2015-06-01 3.9.3 FrACT3.9.3.app.zip FrACT3.9.3.exe.zip FrACT3.9.3.swf
2015-04-24 3.9.2 FrACT3.9.2.app.zip FrACT3.9.2.exe.zip FrACT3.9.2.swf
2015-01-28 3.9.1 FrACT3.9.1.app.zip FrACT3.9.1.exe.zip FrACT3.9.1.swf
2014-03-11 3.8.2 FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT3.8.2.swf
2013-11-29 3.8.1 FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT3.8.1.swf
2011-10-27 3.7.1b FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT3.7.1.swf
2011-06-30 3.7l FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT3.7.0.swf
2010-09-01 3.6.3 FrACT.app.zip
(last PPC version)
FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2010-07-29 3.6.2 FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2010-03-21 3.6beta FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2009-12-10 3.5.5a FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2009-10-29 3.5.4 FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2009-08-20 3.5.3 FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2009-07-19 3.5.2 FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2009-05-27 3.5 FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2009-04-21 3.4.3 FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2008-12-08 3.3 FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2008-11-16 3.2   FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2008-05-30 3.0.4 FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2007-12-14 2.3 FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip  
2006-03-31 1.4 FrACT.app.zip FrACT.exe.zip FrACT.swf
2004-08-04 5.6.2 FrACT   (Mac OS 9 standalone only)

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Footnote on security warnings

FrACT is free, so I’m not paying developer fees (99$ per year on the Mac platform). Consequently, I can't “sign” the FrACT application, and it will be considered as an “application from an unidentified developer” by the “Gatekeeper” on a Mac or as “publisher unknown” on Windows. More in Apple's →Open an app from an unidentified developer help article.



Solution (only needed once):


If anyone has ideas how to make this easier on any platform, I would warmly welcome all advice.




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