I like reading about computer languages; probably goes back to my studies of computer science. When I read about language comparisons by really smart people, I note that they have rather different goals than me. I need a language that expresses difficult things easily, has well documented and well-named libraries / frameworks, catches my errors early, and facilitates self-documenting code; and: it must produce beautiful output. The last 3 points are the most important for me, and they are difficult to balance. Take R, for instance: there it is very easy to overlook errors (since for many error conditions it keeps running), but the ggplot2 package can produce the most beautiful output with moderate effort I’ve ever seen anywhere.

Programming languages I’ve used

At this time, I nearly daily write/change something in R, AppleScript, and Objective C. This diversity is a little high for me; so I’ve kept off temptations like Python, or Julia. Yet: I feel that learning a new computer language broadens the mind nearly like learning a human language.