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A collection of musings over the last decade. Currently being revised, because I ported from my Google+ blog, thus unfortunately all comments and replies are lost. (As you may know, Google+ has been shuttered as of 2019-04-01.)

2020-02-14   Wine glass illusion

2020-02-03   ResearchGate considered harmful

2020-02-02   “Mosaik” tritt auf

2020-02-01   Die “AugenBand” tritt auf

2020-01-26   Energiefluss beim Klimawandel. Sehr guter Beitrag von Stefan Rahmstorf im Spiegel

2020-01-09   Tintenfische haben Stereosehen

2020-01-09   5G – wohl nicht gesundheitsschädlich, aber unnötig und sicherheitsschädlich

2019-12-31   There’s so much good news in the world…

2019-12-28   Leipzig

2019-12-18   New Illusion – Color change (due to eye movements)

2019-12-16   Adding an RSS / Atom feed

2019-12-16   Elektrofahrzeuge besser als Wasserstoff-getriebene

2019-12-14   Homöopathie wirkt nicht über den Placeboeffekt hinaus (Böhmermann, ZDF Neo)

2019-11-14   Markdown quicklook in Catalina

2019-11-09   FunCub’s Maiden Flight

2019-10-29   von Graefe-Preis – Vortragsproblme

2019-10-13   Compensating my flights’ CO₂

2019-10-12   Grüne – Homöopathiekosten von den Kassen nicht ersetzen

2019-10-12   Checking out my Slow Flyer

2019-09-10   Friday for future in Freiburg

2019-08-01   Updating my site, Jekyll

2019-05-13   John Oliver on the Green New Deal – brilliant

2019-04-18   HTML 5 – summary / details

2019-03-20   Problems registering Oyster cards for foreigners

2019-03-19   MacOS hidden tricks – .nosync, .noindex, (.nobackup)

2019-01-01   Migrating my entire site to the static CMS “Jekyll”

2018-06-03   HTTP → HTTPS

2018-03-28   Loss of contour in equiluminance

2018-02-04   Pattern-ERG: P50 & N95 differ in LOCAL origin…

2017-09-21   I couldn’t agree more!

2017-09-05   Public water supply may contain dangerously tiny levels of homeopathic medicine, say experts

2017-08-09   NO variant of the Café Wall Illusion – Skye’s oblique grating

2017-05-19   On our way to being an outcast when not facebooking

2017-03-05   Red Strawberrries

2017-02-28   Life with USB-C is good

2017-02-14   Opposite Rotation in Kitaoka’s “Rotating Snakes Illusion”

2017-01-17   President Trump: The Inauguration (new Twilight episode)

2016-12-21   Seasonal Illusion – “White Xmas”

2016-12-11   Ferien in Lanzarote

2016-11-24   Open Access for viewing – excellent!

2016-11-21   »Quit social media« – should be ‘asocial’, I couldn’t agree more…

2016-10-22   Wakeboarding – possibly for the last time this year

2016-09-26   Bodo Wartke – Nicht in meinem Namen

2016-09-13   Vanishing Dots or Twelve black dots illusion

2016-09-04   Epic fails of mine on the #wakeboard

2016-08-03   Open Access – more than you ever wanted to know about it

2016-07-18   These three low res icons below refer to new additions to my “illusions & visual phenomena” site.

2016-06-28   Mein Elektromobil “Twizy” hat 10.000 km erreicht

2016-06-23   Under water

2016-06-21   Typography & SciFI

2016-06-12   Repaired my Guitar Amplifier

2016-06-12   ‘Chemophobia’ is irrational, harmful …

2016-05-21   Brick Wall Illusion

2016-05-19   ARVO in Seattle – sleepless

2016-05-18   Proud father! Maren singing

2016-05-10   John Oliver on science (mis-) communication

2016-05-09   Two guitarists I venerate, doing their thing together

2016-05-07   Lovely music: Antiquariat

2016-04-02   CappCon 2016

2016-03-08   American Statistical Association: p-values considered harmful

2016-03-07   Contrast Rebellion – to hell with unreadable, low-contrast texts!

2016-03-02   Deutsche Bahn: Schlafwagen beibehalten!

2016-02-16   I’ve always preserved Quicktime Player 7 on my machines…

2016-02-12   Ah… snowboarding, and a restorative break

2016-02-06   “GuitarNick” really has a knack for fluid fingerpicking arrangements

2016-01-29   Visual Acuity: Feedback keeps your participants happy w/o affecting result

2016-01-11   ggplot2 2.0.0 – Very nice, some plots will look different

2015-12-31   Review Deadlines

2015-12-10   An R question

2015-11-29   Idiotisch: EU will Atomkraft subventionieren

2015-11-20   On-line censorship growing

2015-11-14   Wakeboarding at the end of the season …

2015-11-14   Under the surface of my natural swimming pond

2015-11-06   Auftragsmalerei in Leipzig

2015-10-26   AOO – Arbeitskreis Ophthalmische Optik

2015-10-20   Another Predatory Journal …

2015-10-18   Handbraking OS X El Capitan

2015-10-11   Interview “SWR1 Leute”

2015-08-28   Stop TTIP

2015-08-26   Tresorit replacing Wuala

2015-08-17   As Alex so aptly states “…copyright is complicated…”

2015-08-16   TeamViewer – Access your computer remotely and share your desktop with friends – it’s free!

2015-07-25   Pulfrich Effect

2015-07-01   Lake Bohinj – Bohinjska Jezero

2015-07-01   A great ISCEV Symposium in Lubljana, Slovenia

2015-06-17   What a tangled web we weave – display resolutions

2015-05-26   TTIP already lowering health standards in EU!

2015-05-25   50 Years of the McCollough Colour Aftereffect

2015-05-23   Pixel artifact – Be gone

2015-05-01   Apple MacOS Photos: How to edit or change location metadata (EXIF data)

2015-04-25   Colour Sampling of “The Dress” – with full #R code

2015-04-24   One way to make your voice against TTIP heard (a little)

2015-02-28   Colored-Dress Enigma

2015-02-22   Oliver Sacks

2015-02-17   R examples (not just) for users of Excel (or any spreadsheet)

2014-12-31   An amazing and balanced statement on dealing with protesters from the Nashville Chief of Police

2014-12-31   More good news for our world (from Hans Rosling)

2014-12-28   Last new on-line vision experiment this year

2014-12-23   “Woodpacking” for the winter

2014-12-22   Australian court to penalize homeopaths for claiming vaccine alternative

2014-11-30   NHMRC¹ concludes that the assessment of the evidence from research in humans does not show that homeopathy is…

2014-11-23   Andy Weir’s “The Martin” – wonderful!

2014-11-16   Watercolor Illusion

2014-11-11   Biermann im Bundestag, allein schon das Gitarrenspiel…

2014-10-17   Wuala ok with Yosemite / Java, how-to

2014-10-10   Nachtzüge erhalten!

2014-09-14   Bachblueten – für sowas möchte ich meinen Namen nicht hergeben ;)

2014-09-06   Abnehmen…

2014-09-06   Homöopathen pfuschen mit bei Ebola – als wenn es nicht schon schlimm genug wäre!

2014-08-27   Enigma · https://michaelbach.de/ot/mot-enigma/

2014-08-02   Easter Island Mystery Moais … finally solved.

2014-07-30   We don’t want no fracking impact factor

2014-07-19   Critical parsing of corporate BS speak reveals industrial inhumanity – A surprise?

2014-07-15   TTIP – Ein Freihandelsabkommen, das uns unfreier macht

2014-07-06   Wakeboarding in my backyard…

2014-07-06   Frankfurt Airport traffic enhancements

2014-06-29   Colour Matching Game

2014-05-25   Dynamic Ebbinghaus

2014-05-17   Bike Helmets – No really a Boon

2014-05-13   All I wanted to know about “wall wart” chargers

2014-05-11   Triangle Puzzle

2014-05-08   When you pit two laws of life against each other…

2014-04-26   Context affects colour

2014-04-21   Selten klare Worte: Angst vor “do no evil”-Google

2014-04-16   Freiburg Acuity (and more) Test (FrACT) at version 3.8.2

2014-04-06   All along the watchtower

2014-04-04   MacFixit → MacIssues

2014-04-04   How many balls

2014-03-30   Tips for #Scientific #Citation Management with Zotero

2014-03-26   Strolling in La Gomera

2014-03-01   Anamorphosis in Art

2014-02-23   Great article on Carl Sagan here!

2014-02-05   Benham’s Top unrolled

2014-01-20   Rosetta: Arival of Signal

2014-01-15   Four homespun remedies that work

2014-01-14   Joys of Snowboarding

2014-01-04   Motion-induced blindness

2014-01-04   Snow-diving foxes

2014-01-01   New version of “Flash Lag” in Visual Phenomena

2013-12-23   Now 107 Visual Phenomena: “Ebbinghaus Illusion”

2013-11-24   Snowboarding begins

2013-11-20   Der Arbeitskreis Ophthalmische Optik …

2013-11-17   Our Swimming Pond in mid-November…

2013-11-02   My Motion Adaptation Demo updated to no longer need Flash.

2013-10-18   Just back from China…

2013-10-05   Richard Feynman…

2013-10-04   Harvesting in Leipzig

2013-09-29   How hot will it get in your lifetime?

2013-09-22   A  #twizy  – want to come along? (Yes, there is a passenger seat at the back)

2013-09-17   106 Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions – Tusi Motion

2013-09-15   Gravity Challenge

2013-09-08   Sometimes iPhoto…

2013-09-01   Elektro-Maxiroller VX1

2013-08-30   Tom Troscianko Prize for “the most outrageous presentation”

2013-08-15   “MacPro” – Apple, what are you thinking?

2013-08-01   R + ggplot + smoothers

2013-07-12   105 Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions – Colour Fan

2013-06-04   Paragliding

2013-05-30   British Research Assessment Framework (REF) – simple analysis reveals it can’‘t work, is driven by interests of…

2013-05-27   About time we got serious about misuse of the impact factor

2013-05-26   Teaching in Venice

2013-05-26   FrACT – Freiburg Vision Test

2013-05-20   Wow, Dennet!

2013-05-18   Auftragsmalerei in Leipzig

2013-05-13   Dieses Experiment von Peter Brugger generiert bestimmt interessante Ergebnisse!

2013-05-01   Hah, Wakeboarding…

2013-05-01   Differentially clenching fists for learning & recall?

2013-04-26   Großartiger Vortrag von Manfred Spitzer

2013-04-23   104 Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions – Blind Spot Demo

2013-04-13   Great article on homeopathy in arstechnica – Not because we think there’s a value in talking about it…

2013-04-09   Theatermacher Gundelfingen

2013-04-09   Academic Spam

2013-04-04   Cut by the bleeding edge of technology – twice

2013-04-01   No April Fool’s Joke – Wakeboarding opened today

2013-03-31   Easter in Leipzig

2013-03-16   This is an amazing (if only beginning) piece: the boundary conditions for research ideas in real life.

2013-03-15   Winter on the Vectrix Maxi-Scooter

2013-03-09   “Snake Illusion” across species

2013-03-09   Landolt – der mit dem Ring (für mich täglich Brot, z.B. hier http://michaelbach.de/fract/)

2013-02-24   Snow and snowboarding in my neighbourhood

2013-02-23   Einerseits hinreißende Satire, andererseits schrecklich wahr …

2013-02-20   103 Visual Phenomena – Ames Window

2013-02-19   Apple Fusion Drive – Rolled my own

2013-02-09   102 Visual Phenomena – Moiré Patterns

2013-01-20   100 + 1 Visual Phenomena: Mach Band

2013-01-17   Tips for Scientific Citation Management with Zotero

2013-01-07   Marrying TextWrangler to git

2012-12-29   Music, Yes, Music!

2012-12-27   Round numbers fascinate us

2012-12-20   SSDs = Simple Speed Demons = Solid State Disks

2012-12-19   No correlation between video games and gun-related murders

2012-12-10   Zotero – Citation management done well, but one problem…

2012-12-09   Although the eyes have it, they do not stand alone – The Bayesian interpretation of perception

2012-11-25   On Casino Royale – the first James Bond novel

2012-11-25   Deep Learning explained so I understood a little

2012-11-21   100 Visual Phenomena

2012-11-16   Been there…

2012-11-11   Mind Lab – Graceful demos of perceptual phenomena

2012-11-09   Data peeking is always wrong (except when you do it right)

2012-11-02   Scientific Citation Management

2012-11-01   Some pleasures in #science  in Gothenburg

2012-10-24   R & ggplot2 – “Violin plots” considered beautiful

2012-10-21   Warm days in autumn on the water + AppleSripted webcam dowloader

2012-10-15   Statistics>R:  Re-ordering factor levels

2012-10-06   Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band etc.

2012-10-03   Summer is gone…

2012-09-28   Walk-in Eye Model with a twist

2012-09-28   Signing away your rights – or not

2012-09-24   ggplot2 – geom_text vs. annotate(geom=”text”)

2012-09-19   A new addition to Visual Phenomena & Optical Illusions

2012-09-18   Where waterlilies go to die

2012-09-16   Some people cannot learn to program?

2012-09-13   An experience with the rapid dynamics of search engines

2012-09-07   Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROCs) roc

2012-09-05   Spicing up your papers

2012-09-02   I was cross …

2012-08-28   Quantity vs Quality in Science

2012-08-26   A flower in our swimming pond

2012-08-25   Higher incentives → less performance…

2012-08-25   Adaptive Optics – Amazing image resolution from live human eyes

2012-08-15   MacOS Mountain Lion – Do this for a functional “New Document Model”

2012-08-14   Getting your priorities right in space: Training on the robot arm vs impressing the gals with yo-yo tricks…

2012-08-14   “64% of the facts on the Internet are incorrect by 48% according to 52% of commentators”

2012-08-05   Scientific Style Change: Boasting exploded in the last 5 years – with R code to prove it

2012-07-31   Xcode & Mountain Lion Update Woes

2012-07-25   Inference by Eye – how to read statistical error bars

2012-07-24   Of Macs, sealing wax, etc. Episode 2

2012-07-22   R, ggplot2, and axis limits – unexpected behaviour + solution

2012-07-19   Of Macs, sealing wax, and very old Macs

2012-07-17   Optical Art with R

2012-07-12   Bridget Riley’s Moving SquaRes

2012-07-09   Guitar playing and Neuroscience

2012-07-08   World’s most accurate pie chart

2012-06-24   Color Choices for Scientific Graphing

2012-06-19   Musings on programming languages

2012-06-17   Cappuccino?

2012-06-14   R – I like it, but it’s so difficult… same goes for ggplot2!

2012-06-12   A talk on GIT by Linus Torwalds.

2012-06-10   On our way to this year’s ISCEV Symposium in Valencia we discovered a pearl – “Chez Michelon”

2012-06-10   Neutrino faster-than-light issue conclusively put to rest. Ha!

2012-05-25   The R Project for Statistical Computing is gaining ground world wide after I adopted it for all my analyses &…

2012-05-20   As some of my friends & colleagues know, I’ve moved nearly all of my experiment analysis and graphing to “R”…

2012-04-27   Not really new, but uplifting ;-)