1. I was so happy about our CHP (combined heat-power) stirling “WhisperGen” (https://michaelbach.de/misc/bhkw/). This year the German distributor went chapter 23, because the Spanish manufacturer went broke. And, to top it, a few days ago the stirling motor lost pressure, no more electricity… Our local technician declared it broken beyond repair, because the distributor can no longer help. Grrrr… So I’m thinking about photovoltaics now. [Luckily, in WhisperGen there is also a “conventional” burner of same power as the stirling. This was always deactivated, I activated it now and so it lives on –for now– as a conventional gas burner.]

  2. I do love riding on my Vectrix electric maxi scooter (https://michaelbach.de/misc/roller/. Again: the German distributor went chapter 23. The scooter runs just fine, but where do I get consumables (e.g. brakes)? The Dutch, Swiss, and Austrian distributors may help out, haven’t tried yet. Very sad; I am a little optimistic, though: the manufacturer in California also went that way 4 years ago, only to rise from the ashes half a year later.