… and a workaround

I have already expounded on #Zotero here «a href=”https://plus.google.com/u/0/111676285399967100912/posts/a6n2kF1HrPh”>https://plus.google.com/u/0/111676285399967100912/posts/a6n2kF1HrPh</a>>, and an unexpected number of fellow researchers have switched. So people have turned to me for support – while nice being tickled pink, this just adds… One thing I found out: first make sure they have the latest update (Firefox plugin and all).

However, I have been bitten nasty myself: advanced search doesn’t work any more! After an extended search, I now know why: all my references are now in our group folder. And for groups, advanced search is disabled! This was a temporary fix 3 years ago –I have all understanding for temporary fixes– but it cost me quite some time to unravel this. The best current fix is to right click on a group and select “New Saved Search…”, that works and can even be quite useful.

Yes, I have tried to notify the #Zotero developers, only to find there is no way to directly report bugs. They encourage to do it via the forum, and I’ve added a comment to the appropriate thread.

Finally, what has the picture below to do with it all? Nothing, really – today while snowboarding, I tried to film (doesn’t work well for me, I usually use my arms for balance :) but cut from it this clip, which shows the board nose just exiting deep snow – like a sandworm, just smaller… Deep snow riding is just wonderful! I never got to grips with it skiing, but since switching to snowboard this just flies (sometimes I also fly inadvertantly :).