How to make your battery live longer? (Sorry: only MacBooks here)
TL;DR solution: “AlDente, now Pro

The first two items are simply addressed behaviourally, but the last one is difficult. Occasionally pulling the plug introduces needless partial discharge/charge cycles. The best is to tell your MacBook to simply stop charging at, say, 80%. There was a rather complicated way to do this, as explained here and I’ve used this successfully for several months. But that solution does not work on the new ARM-based (M1) MacBooks. So I searched around and found “AlDente”. That also used the trick to change settings in the system management controller (SMC), but now has been extended to also work on Apple Silicon (great!) and is much nicer overal than my clumsy AppleScript solution. While AlDente Pro is not yet available, simply go here and download

It is under development, and one quirk for me was that it did not automatically launch after reboot, so I manually added it to Login Items. The preset to 50% is unnecessarily low.

Works well for me on M1 and Intel MacBooks, recommended! I typically choose 80%, and before traveling up it to 100%.

But stay cool, don’t go overboard continuously thinking about batteries :). I sort of have to, because it’s a major issue for electric model air crafts.