… but you won’t read it in the news…

… because it’s seen as boring.

Who wants to know we had nice holidays? Old adage: Dog bites woman: no news, but woman bites dog: big news (sligthly updated :).

Yes, I’m the first to feel depressed about political Trumpisation, the way we treat our planet, loss of enlightenment (e.g., homeopathy) etc. But there’s also so much GOOD NEWS WE ARE NOT AWARE OF because it isn’t reported. I have written previously about Hans Rosling, who tragically died, but his legacy is carried on. If you take the “gapminder test” you might be very positively surprised (and even win a certificate :). There is a solution fits all: Education.

Thus: Happy New Year!

Somewhat related: Steven Pinker makes this point, among others: since stoneage the individually experienced violence has steadily reduced.