FrACT₁₀ is based on the Cappuccino framework, which compiles to JavaScript. So it was (relatively) easy to offer an on-line version for all platforms. With the help of initially NW.js, then Electron, I produced a downloadable MacOS app some months ago. Further learning of the Electron framework now led a Windows app, all produced on the MacOS platform. The good people developing platform packaging with Electron-Build and friends really did a fabulous job!

So, if you are adventurous, head to FrACT₁₀ Downloads or directly grab
You will have to bypass the warning dialog (because I have no developer ID) and allow it to run; a deinstaller is automatically installed as well.

While the internal FrACT code is absolutely identical to the on-line version and the MacOS app, this Windows version is very very new, and I have little experience on Windows. So, test it, grind it, put it through the works; please be kind to it (and to me) when giving feedback what needs be improved ( Currently, the installer places FrACT10.exe somewhere in …\progs\, also a deinstaller, and places an alias (shortcut) on the desktop. Is this good behaviour?

Other recent improvements to FrACT₁₀ best seen in the commit history.

Happy acuities!