I'm quite happy with my Yamaha THR 10 V2 <http://goo.gl/tMAlM0>, not just for home practice but also on stage. Great sound! There are 2 major shortcomings:

• The DC power input at the back is rather flimsy. The amplifier needs to topple only once, and it's broken. After several attempts, I now refitted a standard 6 mm jack. A little problematic to have 15 V at the same connector type as the guitar signal, but that seems minor to me compared to braking a smaller connector two times.

• There is no way to connect a foot pedal. That seriously limits life performances performance.

For those of you who also want to tamper inside, the photos show how to open the case. 5 self-tapping screws with recessed cross (2 at bottom, 3 at backside) and 4 Allen screws "Ikea size" :).

Hours later, correcting myself. There are foot pedal hacks: