My subscription to Microsoft Office ran out. I hate subscriptions (would rather pay for unlimited, and then renew every ≈3 years or so), and considered alternatives. There are many many ways to write manuscripts, for instance I recently learned Pandoc for a book. On a Mac you have the free which is, among many other things, good at layouting. For writing collaborative papers, however, the lowest possible denominator would be Word, or the DOCX format. This Microsoft has contrived to be accepted as a standard.

Pages can read & write this format. But it cannot default to it, and the compatibility, especially when it comes to collaborative writing, is not perfect. So next I considered OpenOffice. A laudable effort, partially corrupted by Oracle, but recovering. Accompanying an exodus of programmers it forked to LibreOffice. This can read and write DOCX files. So here I am logging my LibreOffice experiences.