I finally solved a small problem which had bugged me for over a year: When opening FrACT₁₀ for the very first time, all settings are defaulted, as should be. The fields in the settings screen remained empty, however. A reload had always fixed that, but it should be fine right away.

For specialists:

Yesterday night I perused the NSDefaults Apple documentation, and read that defaults should be set before loading the nib files. I had already hunted for something like that, and never thought of adding an ìnit function to my main controller – that indeed is called before nib loading (obvious in 20/20 hindsight, and mentioned in Apple’s documentation). In ìnit I check the defaults and update where necessary. Works now, and I changed the alert, which had suggested to reload…

Now all is fine. Great. Next goals are already entered in the github issues section. Those will require quite a bit of work.