… is totally obnoxious, but it helps to persevere. My wife was bugging me how she could print multiple copies of the same photo on a page. She used massive pressure, like “sometimes things are easier on windows…“ :-).

So researched, found nothing in Help, found many people who had the same problem, finally found this movie http://goo.gl/fu7125 (thanks!). Here’s a copy in writing:

  1. Select one photo
  2. ⌘p (or File>Print…)
  3. in the print dialog, on the bottom right, select some relatively small size, e.g. 2x3
  4. press “Customize…” below the contact sheet (further up, on the right)
  5. a new window appears, there press the “Settings” button (gear icon ⚙) on the bottom right
  6. a sheet at the top appears, containing a “Photos per page” pop-up, where you can select “Multiple of the same photo per page”, press “OK“
  7. lo, the page filles with multiple copies, 8. Print, 9. Print.

Well, yes, it could be easier… (and, yes, that photo is 13 years old:).

PS: I think there’s a typo in the pop-up, it should be “Muliples of…”