Time and again I’m asked by patients how they can protect themselves against the damage caused by blue light as emitted by LEDs, be it from visual display units or “living room” lighting LEDs.

Well, what should we do here? Nothing, there is no danger!

In the Internet and the asocial media there are loads of “reports” and “advice” along these lines: LEDs have a strong blue emittance, and blue is known to cause eye damage (eye cancer!), thus you should avoid LEDs or use filters. I will not link to any of this. To top it, the fear thus evoked is being monetised and filters are offered for glasses or your monitors.


Scientific Information

I wrote the above a little simplified and with candour. But this isn’t just my “strong opinion”, there is good information available, here some examples.

Sleep and circadian rhythm

With the claimed eye damage caused by LEDs, frequently the influence of blue on the sleep-wake cycle is intermixed. This, however, is a different and complicated issue that needs another blog entry. In brief: Only bright light bevor sleeping can be sub-optimal for your sleep, regardless of light source or colour. Just as common sense would tell you.

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