Especially in these times FrACT is being used for self-assessment of acuity from home. That could be greatly more user-friendly if Flash needed not be installed nor the stand-alone dowloaded with the need to bypass pesky security messages from the operating system.

Thus I have, after a 3-year hiatus, taken up work again on this project, preview here. Oh my, this does present challenges! Code in the browser has to work across browsers and operating sytem, and one never knows how the user set up her browser. I’m using Cappuccino which has proven its worth as basis for most of my visual illusion demos.

So far acuity assessment works with Landolt Cs, Snellen letters, and tumbling E. Much more to be done…

One bug had haunted me a while: In the Snellen letter test, some response letters (s, t) ended up in Firefox’s search box, messing up the sequence. That turned out to be due to my Firefox setting of “Search for text when you start typing”… And my current problem is that Firefox ignores the cursor keys for responding to, e.g., the tumbling E. Well, more work will solve that, no doubt. [A few hours later: Daniel B solved this: He had fixed this in Cappuccino a while ago, but I was till linking with the old master.]