Ok, “outrageous” does sound a little double-edged, but I am proud of having received this prize at the ECVP 2013 in Bremen, Germany. Tom http://tomtroscianko.com was a wonderful person,  and I think it’s just fine to do some outlandish things.

To explain a little: “ECVP” stands for the “European Conference on Visual Perception” http://ecvp.org, a really inspiring meeting to which I should go more often. A more recent addition there is the “showtime”, an evening devoted to perception demos. There I gave a rather loud performance entitled “Acoustic variations with the Ames Window”.

I had a chain of events: first a meeting at Bernd Lingelbach’s Barn, then the wonderful “Perception & Art” symposium at Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg (brilliantly organised by Dorothee Poggel), then the ECVP. A little stressful (I had altogether 4 presentations), but I learned a lot.