Two major updates for FrACT₁₀:

  1. A measure of dispersion, namely the 95% confidence interval, “± ½ CI 95” can be calculated directly after each run
    • To switch on, go to Settings>Acuity>Show ± ½CI95
    • The confidence interval is calculated via bootstrapping of 10,000 samples
    • Takes less than 1 s
    • Paper pending :)
    • Future versions may include a GUI for the # of samples
    • Why “½” CI95? →So the ± range is the full CI95.
  2. A “stand-alone app” is now available
    • Fully identical to the on-line version, except it shows a “Quit/Exit” button
    • Unfortunately only MacOS for now →download
      [unsigned→ right-click to open, allow open]
    • Anybody wants to help me with a Windows version?
    • Built with NWjs, a nice approach to pack the html version, its frameworks and Node.js together; similar to Electron