As I recently wrote, the current health situation has increased acuity-testing-at-home, and to facilitate this I am updating FrACT to FrACT₁₀. The latter ist based on JavaScript and thus can run in any browser on any platform.

Thanks to advice by Daniel B., I have revamped the user interface to use “speaking buttons” and modernised the alerts etc. The warning to calibrate now comes a step later and can optionally directly lead to the settings page.

There is no contrast test in FrACT₁₀ at this time. I will add that later if sufficient interest arises. I still consider this a beta version. On my immediate list to add are:

It can be rather tedious to translate the code from Actionscript to Objective-J, even if sometimes I can copy lines w/o change. So if you need something that’s currently missing, you can motivate me :).

For “production environments”, e.g. clinical studies, you should stick to “classic” FrACT, currently at version 3.10.5.