Short CV of Michael Bach   (→full version,   →Wikipedia entry)

1950Born in Berlin
1970–1977Studied Physics, Psychology and Computer Science in Bochum and Freiburg
1978–1981PhD thesis, supervised by Prof Burkhart Fischer & Prof Jürgen Krüger: “Interaction between neurones in the visual cortex based on recordings with a multi-microelectrode”
1983–1999Head of the Electrophysiological Laboratory in the Department of Ophthalmology, University of Freiburg
1991Habilitation and venia legendi for ‘Neurobiophysik’
1998Appointed as Professor (APL)
1999Professional appointment as “Akademischer Direktor”
1999–2015Head of Section Visual Function / Electrophysiology
2004–2011President of ISCEV (two terms)
2008–Scientific Board of “The Barn
2009–Secretary Kunstverein Gundelfingen (local art society)
2013–2024Director of International Communications of ISCEV
2013–Scientific Board of GWUP
2015–Scientist (emeritus), Eye Center, University Medical Center Freiburg
2018Honorary Member of ISCEV,   von Graefe award by DOG
2020Part-time contract with Eye Center, University Medical Center Freiburg


>300 peer-reviewed papers,   >850 oral presentations,   >20 book chapters,
H-index: 64,   Website visual phenomena.

Awards, Recognition

2006  Elfriede-Aulhorn-Preis
2008  Portrayed in ‘Die Zeit’
2012  “Exceptionally good review”, IOVS
2013  ECVP Tom Troscianko Prize (for the most outrageous presentation)
2013  “Exceptionally good review”, IOVS & JOV
2015  ISCEV Adachi Award
2015  Augenstern-Forschungspreis
2016  “Exceptionally good review”, JOV & TVST
2017  Alumni-Medaille der Universitäts-Augenklinik München
2018  Honorary Member of ISCEV
2018  von Graefe Award der DOG
2019, 2020  “Exceptionally good review”, TVST
2021  Elfriede-Aulhorn Keynote, DOG 2021 Congress